Variety of fruit to your natural beauty

Different ways people do to enhance the appearance, of course, with the aim of pleasing and beautiful in order before their spouse or in the eyes of those who look, not a few are willing to pay millions to hundreds of millions to improve their appearance. origin can appear more beautiful, captivating the money is not an issue.
Most of the actors and objects of beauty to use cosmetics as a tool for their stunning appearance, although it is not prohibited and not wrong. But to just keep in mind that a lot of beauty products that do not correspond to our skin that is often fatal consequences on the wearer. ranging from skin allergies, and cancer of the skin. For your beauty many roads that can be taken, until now guaranteed kemanannya use natural ingredients of course. such as fruits, vegetables, spices or herbs and so forth. which certainly would be safer for the skin and our health. This time I will try to review beauty by using the fruit in a variety of conditions and the type of your skin.

1. Dry Skin

In accordance with the type of skin (dry skin) you would need a neutralizing fluid intake as dry skin, so the fruit which contains fat and water content banayk is perfect for you to test bleak: 

-  Avocado 

Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils.   
The content of the avocado fruit :
- Vitamins: A, C, E
- Iron

- Potassium
- Niacin
- Pantotenik acid and protein

With vitamins, minerals, proteins and natural oils of course it can be ascertained that this fruit will help to brighten your face dry. is easy enough. 

a. Take a ripe avocado to taste (1 fruit) 

b. Take the meat (to taste) 
c. apply to face evenly with a reasonable portion  
d. Let stand until dry, or approximately 15 minutes e. Finally wash with cold water (clean). 

- Bananas  

Fat content was not as high as avocados, bananas but also we can use as an alternative to tighten, refresh and reduce wrinkles on the face, until the face looks bright and radiant. The basic ingredients we need: 

a. Banana (to taste) 

b. Honey (to taste) 
c. Egg white (to taste) 

How to use: 

a. Combine all these ingredients

b. Use as a mask 
c. Clean with cold water (clean) 

This combination is also safe to use for all skin types. 

- Apple and Melon. 

Both of these nutritious fruits cleanse and soften rough skin and dull. In addition, apple juice can be used as a tonic facial cleansers and toners.

2. For normal and oily skin 
we can use Lime / Orange Lemon, Tomato and Yogurt, Pineapple as soslusi.
While that for all skin types you can try cucumber and bengkoang.
How to use for normal skin, oily skin types and all we will describe later, this time please try first treatment with avocado and banana. or maybe you have a choice or an opinion please love your comments. we can discuss.
Good luck. Beautiful and bright skin will be realized only with natural ingredients.

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Variety of fruit to your natural beauty

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