Is it true that lime can whiten your skin

Lime which we commonly know as one of the herbs flavoring dishes or to eliminate the fishy smell of food turned out to also have efficacy in the world of beauty and skin care. how lime can be used as a skin whitener? before further discussed how to use the let's first identify a little more in the efficacy of this lime-efficacy.
Lime in scientific language called "Citrus aurantium", has properties very much. In Indonesia, or perhaps in some States of the world also often use lemon juice as the base material beauty. almost every beauty product in Indonesia include orange juice as the base material, be it fruit or leaves. Broadly speaking, the content contained in 100g of lime are:

- Calories 51 cal

- Protein 0.9 g
- Fat 0.2 g
- 11.4 g carbohydrate
- Mineral 0.5 g
- Calcium 33 mg
- Phosphorus 23 mg
- Iron 0.4 mg and 49 mg ascorbic acid

So what do these substances in skin care? for the affairs whiten skin just by eating and body membalur (certain parts of the body or in the normal skin of the face), can make the skin whiter, because the addition of nutrient-rich, it is also rich orange substances such as

- Bioflanid 
- Essential oils limonene 
- Citric Acid
- Linalin acetate and fellandrenwhich properties can cure the disease coughs, reduce fever, increase sexual desire, and make melodious sounds. While in the field of beauty that is the role of vitamin C in orange juice can make your skin white, smooth, and fast. This fruit contains vitamin C for antioxidant benefits. Vitamin C has L bond in each molecule, nice to brighten skin tone.
Wow this is good news especially for women who usually do not hesitate to spend no small cost for skin care, well for those of you who want a clean and brilliant white skin please try the efficacy of lime is only with 2 (two) easy steps namely by consuming, because by eating oranges, vitamin C is absorbed by the body will be maximal. and the second use of lime from the outside by rubbing a piece of orange juice on the face and body parts that cool the skin on a daily basis.
Other efficacy
For those of you who want to look slim, the efficacy of lemon juice can also be tried. Every morning, noon and night, try drinking lime juice with a mixture of water and a little sugar. In this way, you will be awake slenderness. In addition, lime can prevent you from various diseases as described above. As for hair, lemon juice can also eliminate dandruff.
Truly multi-use right? Get used to using a natural way to healthy and your beauty. Good luck

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Is it true that lime can whiten your skin

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  1. Thanks so much for this information. I had read about it before but I like the way you explain deeply and expose the details. This is good to know.

  2. yes, it's proven in Indonesia