Betel leaf with a wide range of properties

Bethel is an herb that is very advantageous. Contains an antiseptic in its entirety. The leaves are widely used to treat nosebleeds, eye redness, discharge, then a loud voice, and many others, including erectile dysfunction.

The efficacy of betel leaf is widely known and has been clinically tested. So far, research on this work in development. Betel leaf for centuries by our ancestors known as a powerful medicinal plant. This plant has the Latin name Lynn Piper betel.

Traditionally, plants in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia is used to overcome the body and mouth odor, mouth ulcers, nose bleeds, skin rashes and sores and to treat vaginal discharge in women. This is because herbal medicines in 600 BC, contains antiseptics to kill germs C. known.
The phenol content of the antiseptic properties of five times more effective than ordinary phenol.

Pharmacology China, such as the betel plant is known a warm, spicy. Betel leaves are traditionally used to throw the fart to stop coughing, inflammation and relieve itching. In traditional medicine in India, the betel leaf is known as a hot antiseptic aroma substances, and also increase sexual desire.

antiseptic, betel nut is often used to heal the wounds of the foot, because it contains a bitter of bleeding and to maintain vulnerario to heal the wounds of the skin. It can also be chewed to improve the sound quality.

Research, as published in a book by an herb garden of medicinal plants found quotes that betel Karyasari also contains arecoline in all parts of the plant. This substance has a positive effect on the central nervous system of power and thought-provoking, increased peristalsis, relieve snoring. In the leaves contain eugenol could to prevent premature ejaculation, to eliminate the fungus Candida albicans, and an analgesic (painkiller). There is also the tannin content in leaves, which reduce useful for the secretion of fluid into the vagina to prevent the protection of liver function and diarrhea.

The tests involved 40 patients with vaginal discharge, are not pregnant, suffer from diabetes and kidney or liver disease. Twenty of them received a betel leaf, while the rest received placebo. The two betel leaves or placebo into the vagina before the patient is administered sleep for seven days.

Further studies on the benefits of betel at IPB Bogor instead. Go Nuri Andarwulan, MSI and friends of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology IPB, a study carried out to take the used oil of betel leaf volatiles to produce antioxidants. Summaries of these antioxidants will continue to be imported. This research has the potential to reduce the value of imports of antioxidants. Also produces the product emulsion in this study will be used for the cosmetics industry.

There Meanwhile, in India there is a research report that affect the betel leaf male fertility, such as the Journal of Pharmacology, reports said. Effect of betel leaf on male fertility was tested in mice.

Apparently the supply of betel leaf extract alcohol by mouth in mice have anti-fertility. to extract according to the report, that increasing the dose of a decline in the number of sperm in mice causes.

In India, research on betel leaves, not only for male fertility is just. Here the leaves are examined to asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, leprosy, toothache, and also the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, many similar research in Indonesia.

Toothache medicine.
Treatment: In mouth wash 1. Betel leaves cooked with 2 cups water to a boil and then cool in the cooking water. Use the cooking water for flushing. Repeated periodically until recovery.
2. Take two pieces of betel leaf, which was put down, season with salt.
As a matter of hot water as much as a cup made, then stir until salt is dissolved to cool. The water used for washing.

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Betel leaf with a wide range of properties

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