Variety of fruit to your natural beauty (part 2)

As promised in my previous article, we will explore more deeply about the use of fruits for beauty and health of our skin. Previously been described in detail the fruit to dry skin care, if you have not read please see here now I'll try to describe the use of fruit for normal skin, oily and all skin types.

2. Normal and oily skin

- For this skin type is very suitable to use lime / lemonThe uniqueness of this fruit is found in water that comes from the flesh of this fruit, usefulness dual function can shrink the skin pores are enlarged either due to other causes or acne scars, as well as get rid of excess fat in oily skin types. The way is rub lemon juice into the face evenly, or around the skin pores look great is usually around the cheeks and nose. For a more complete mix lemon juice with honey, specifically for normal skin types but tend to be oily.

- Tomato and Yogurt

Basically tomatoes suitable for all types of skin care, these fruits can protect the skin from sun burn, so it is suitable for use after the move all day. tomatoes can also accelerate the repair process of skin cells die so keep looking toned and radiant.
For normal to oily skinned woman with black spots on the face, which is used to mask tomato yogurt or can be mixed with honey. Thus, the obtained results are satisfactory. This mask works well to clean the black stains fade and smooth the skin.

- PineappleMost women do not like this fruit, because it is believed can cause vaginal discharge. But it turns out pineapple can also be used for skin care. Pineapples can be used as a mask that is useful to remove dead skin cells as well rnenghilangkan stains, and is perfect on normal and oily skin. Add a little honey or fresh milk to get maximum results. It should be remembered, pineapple mask is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin, because it will add to dry skin and cause itching.

3. All Skin Types

- Cucumber.Serves as a refreshing cucumber water kulit.Kandungan refreshes skin. How to use it very easily. Place cucumber slices on your face for a moment, then rub it slowly on the entire face and neck. For facial cleansers and toners, masks can be used chopped cucumber mixed with yoghurt.

- Yam.

It is also commonly used to mask all skin types. Yam efficacious whiten, tighten and refresh the skin.

fruits and vegetables are very suitable for the health and natural beauty.

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Variety of fruit to your natural beauty (part 2)

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