4 step acne Exterminate sharpshooter with sulfur and tomatoes

Acne is often a very frightening specter for the teens both men even more women. because that name is like coming acne indiscriminately, not familiar not familiar rich poor, young and old do not know, just want him when he's perched in a place where he likes, but he more frequently attacks the face.

This acne often makes women less confident, even though the face was beautiful, but because the taxable attack Pimple beautiful face can be messy, especially if the acne that attacks including the big ones and sometimes pus.

But of course there is no cure all diseases, here I will give the most potent drug to eradicate acne at its roots hehehe. directly, to do my style of treatment you should prepare the following materials:

1. Sulfur taste (mashed)
2. Ripe tomatoes 1 piece only
3. Kerosene prepare to taste (used to clean the face) using a clean cloth, if it does not exist because it's rare to use warm water only.

If you have prepared everything, now follow these steps one by one:

1. Clean the face with a clean cloth that has been smeared by kerosene, not too loud, clear the way lebut, because kerosene will kill the germs that exist in the face. if afraid to use kerosene, use of clean warm water to cleanse your face in the same way.

2. If you feel clean enough, cut the tomatoes and then take it, do not forget its bisjinya, then mix with the sulfur that has been refined.

3. Use the tomato mixture and sulfur had a mask on your face. it is advisable taken up to disappear by itself from the face without washing. because the use of these drugs before bed, then you should suppress this medication until the morning. but if you feel uncomfortable you can clean up after approximately 30 minutes.

4. Repeat this treatment until you feel you've successfully (usually only three times the usage of your acne is gone)

Usually after treatment in this way, surely acne scars left on the face, please use whitening creams or eliminating the usual spots that you wear.

Highly recommended for routine cleaning your face to keep them clean, so the face is not susceptible to germs or the skin will be clogged, which is beginning development of acne.

Good luck, hopefully useful

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4 step acne Exterminate sharpshooter with sulfur and tomatoes

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