Wow, Carrots could actually shrink pores acne scars

It turned out that behind the bright colors and eye-catching, carrots have a property that strongly supports your beauty, one of the properties of carrots are shrink pores acne scars.

You would feel less confident to face the hole-perforated for acne scars, to help reduce or minimize facial pores acne scars, try using carrots for your treatment. following way:

1. Prepare carrots to taste
2. Wartel until finely grated
3. Drying carrots that have been mashed up to dry
4. Milled dried carrots until it becomes powder like flour

To use carrots mixed with clean water sufficiently smooth then apply to face (use as a mask). do this regularly at night before bed, the result will look after routine use for 30 days.

good luck, hopefully helpful.

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Wow, Carrots could actually shrink pores acne scars

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