Keep your dental health, for your beauty

Teeth are part of the body that really need attention if you want to look more beautiful and attractive, millions of dollars spent for dental beauty, ranging from buying bleach, into the dental specialists to flatten the tooth, and many more ways for people to get beautiful teeth dream every person. Then why did you have to destroy the beauty of your teeth just because a desire for a moment, by taking something that could ruin your teeth like the following drinks we shall see at a glance.

As quoted by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (10/21/2009), based on the research the scientists found white wine, like Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio damage the teeth faster than red wine kind of Merlot and Claret.

The researchers revealed that white wine can extend the protective layer of tooth erosion. Thus making the teeth more sensitive to cold, heat, and sweet foods.

While red wine drinkers can leave stains on teeth that are not pretty sight. While damage to the same little white wine if straightened.

The team from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, found the eight effects of red wine and white wine from Germany, France, Italy, and Spain from the enamel of men and women aged 40-65 years.

Samples of their teeth soaked in wine for 24 hours, then slowly examined under a microscope. Teeth are marinated in white wine would be more devastated than tooth dipped in red Whine. The researchers also report in the journal Nutrition Research.

"Based on this study, can be predicted that often consume white wine is very easy to cause dental erosion," says author Dr Brita Willershausen.

Based on previous research proves, soft drinks and lemon, orange, and grape juice to make a layer of the teeth so decayed.

If you eat acid content can make a tooth is damaged, the damage will get worse when brushing your teeth excessively.

Diet, sucking frequency, and the role of saliva can make white wine does not damage teeth. Not only that, the researchers also believe that a diet rich in calcium can offset the damage.

"The tradition of enjoying cheese for dessert or a drink combining wine, could be to give better effect to prevent dental erosion. Because cheese contains a high calcium concentration," said Dr. Brita.

Meanwhile, in another study conducted at New York University earlier this year found that white wine can only give it a stain on teeth as well as red wine.

Elements of acid in white wine stain is hard on the teeth and enamel. Thus making the teeth sensitive to food, tea and coffee.

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Keep your dental health, for your beauty

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