Conservation and restoration of hair with black seeds of papaya

White with gray hair is a natural process that can not be avoided and rejected, depending on the timing of their age and aging, one by one from a member of the body began to weaken, from head to you sometimes a peak power and Beauty fall, but with a healthy lifestyle and diet that our process of physical aging can be different tricks of nature, including gray hair white, which can delay their arrival, the following tips and ingredients for the conservation and restoration of your hair can be delayed black .

Instructions: Fill attract mixed the seeds of papaya with fresh water head, the hair, to destroy the seeds of papaya liquid, like make it penetrate a gentle massage of the head of papaya seeds for water in the pores of the skin of the papaya.
Run-stand this for about 5 minutes about 15 minutes, rinse with clean water, can also directly to the shower.

Regular maintenance as a daily or once in two days, the results look, black hair, which is well maintained, and hair began to turn around is white, can be restored black, as the seeds Papaya has been found that a pigment is very well contained.

Please try ingredients, good luck, keep the natural use of their natural beauty.

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Conservation and restoration of hair with black seeds of papaya

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