Recognize the dangers contained in your cosmetics

Do you already know, was in the cosmetics contained many chemicals are potentially harmful to health, if not yet know the following list of chemical constituents present in cosmetics and dangers:
1. Coal Tar Colors
This substance is usually used as a cosmetic dye.
Effect: These chemicals can trigger cancer

2. Formaldehyde
Commonly found in nail care products
Effects: As these compounds contain hydantoins can cause cancer, DNA damage even the body.

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
Lots contained in skin care products, its main function is to peel off dead skin cells.
Effect: It turns out this AHAs can actually release the cells in charge of protecting the skin. skin irritation can result, if it is left in a long time can cause skin cancer risk.

4. Mercury (Hg) or mercury.
Usually used only in sizes small concentrations, but even in small levels of heavy metals were this could be toxic.
Effect: The use of mercury can cause skin discoloration. gradually, the skin turned black spots which later turn into allergies, irritation, and even damage to the nervous system, kidneys and brain.

More aprah if the use of cosmetics that contain high mercury can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney damage.

5. Rhodamine.
This material is a synthetic dye used in the paper, ink or textile.
Stock: in high concentrations in cosmetics can cause liver damage.

6. Alcohol
Usually found on the paint color of hair, body lotion and perfume.
Effect: can bring headaches, depression and nausea

7. Petrolatum
Effect: can inhibit the body in removing toxins that cause skin dryness and the appearance of acne.

8. Fragrance
That is all natural and synthetic substances that give fragrance in cosmetic products.
Effect: may cause dermatitis, respiratory tract, such as rhinitis, asthma, disorders sayaraf, for example, headache or migraine

For the security of your beauty care, always use natural beauty products with the risk and cost a very much smaller and cheaper of course.

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Recognize the dangers contained in your cosmetics

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