Poorer stayed up late, the stakes are dire for beauty and health!

Sleep is the best break, to get a sufficient amount of sleep, should start from now you changed my life, if during this often stayed up late (slept late) or no sleep at all, begin to be changed little by little, step by step, why do you must sleep with a sufficient portion, because it turns out that a lot of staying up side effects, even more terrible could cause you to look older faster than your actual age. The following risks that caused many to stay up:

1. Weakened immune
Apparently the brain make restoration (repair) on cells damaged body when we sleep, the brain stay no longer have enough time to do it. Thus will disturb the balance of regenerating cells - the cells of the body, including metabolic functions in the body. The researchers also concluded, stayed up late causes of vulnerability of the body's immune function so susceptible to disease.

2. Affect the emotional stability
Medically, calm or relaxed condition marked by the release of endorphins in the body. Stay up to menyebabkna hormone release is not perfect. Central nervous system that regulates emotion a person is distracted. He became super sensitive and his life was messy and uncontrolled.

3. Triggering risk of diabetes and high blood
In one's body is called insulin secretion or expenditure that serves to break down sugar. Well because staying up late, these hormones can cause weakening and imperfect work, reduced by 25%. According to research by University of Chicago, United States, the balance of disturbed metabolism when you stay at least 3 days. The sugar should be converted into energy accumulated in the blood. High levels of sugar in the blood that is what is called diabetes mellitus. Not only the increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure as well so the risk.

4. Trigger premature aging / wrinkles in the skin
It's no secret that one's skin rejuvenation take place during sleep. Imagine if you stay up, this process will certainly be disrupted. Let alone for skin rejuvenation, anti aging / wrinkles in kulitlah that you will get. loss was not you, old before his time?

5. Vulnerable stroke and heart disease
Kazuo Eguchi from Jichi Medical University, as reported in the journal of the American Medical Association concluded, stayed up late can trigger heart attacks and strokes. In a study that found 99 records incident cardiovascular disease in people who sleep less within 7.5 hours. Not only that, their blood pressure was also up at night and feel sick at heart. Results of other studies, from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) through his spokesman Sanjeev Kothare, MD, said that staying out could cause a person to be like snacking. Of course that's not snacking healthy instant food, the occurrence of blockages in blood vessels which also resulted in cholesterol. If kolesterolmu high, could have an impact stroke, whatever your age!

6. Heart - heart obesity
Results of research at the University of Otago, New Zealand, said, stayed up late can also cause obesity (overweight). Initially, the body is not fit to make a person reluctant to perform physical activity. Calories in the body was buried into fat. In addition, lack of sleep triggers hormones that enhance the high appetite and suppress the production of hormone that limits appetite.

7. Motor skills is not optimal
Last but not least, stayed up late cause disruption of motor skills because someone in a state of exhaustion. Motor roughness becomes sluggish or even excessive, while the smooth motion of less scrutiny. As a result, he was becoming someone who is careless, less energetic, aka not excited. Honestly, the lack of sleep, causing your brain does not have enough time to restore power.

Want to stay up then returned to sleep all day (afternoon - evening) Not good also impact on health. Because sleeping too long can also interfere with the body's metabolism ...
Still want to stay? thought here we go

To more clearly, let us see the work schedule in the body.

21:00 to 22:00
Make sure the removal process - toxic substances in the antibody system (lymph nodes) takes place smoothly. If you do not sleep, at least in this duration, you are in a state of calm and relaxed. Try reading light reading. Anyway activities that do not drain energy and mind.

23:00 to 1:00 a.m.
Detoxification process (read: destruction of cell - cell toxins) the liver was happening (we again liver recovery).

1:00 to 3:00 a.m.
Time to detox process in the gall.

3:00 to 05:00
The process of detoxification in the lungs - pulmonary and respiratory tract. Imagine if you stay a full week, could be serious! You should already fast asleep when hours - hours are for the detoxification process can run smoothly.

05:00 to 7:00
Time for the colon reacts.

7:00 to 9:00 a.m.
Time to gut absorb nutrients from food. That is why breakfast is IMPORTANT!

Please change your lifestyle gradually to appear healthy, beautiful and fit every time. the natural way you can change everything with ease.

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Poorer stayed up late, the stakes are dire for beauty and health!

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