Here it is the cause of why sex can make ageless

Sex affairs have always been a favorite topic for discussion, once a
Studies conducted show sex is not only good for reducing stress, but also be good for beauty. According to a study from Scotland, having sex three times a week can make the appearance look 4 years younger. These activities can also encourage the immunity and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Then if there is also impact on beauty, now we will discuss one by one what exactly is the role taken by the activity of sex berhububungan of beauty, here will be discussed scientifically whether sex can make beautiful or just a myth.

1. Helps reduce wrinkles.
There are two hormones that your body is always taken over in turn one after another, the stress hormone and anti-stress. According to the study turned out to have sex, especially when they reach orgasm, our bodies have three hormones, namely
- Beta-endorphin (a kind of a pain killer),
- Prolactin (making sense of relaxation), and
- Oxytocin (the creator of a sense of comfort and want to cuddle).
It was said Endorphins and growth hormones flood the body until after reaching an orgasm, well this should help the body repair sun damage, smoking, and cortisol that could be damaging collagen and creates wrinkles. Just in minutes, eliminating sex inflammatory molecule that can make the skin look old.

2. Soften the skin.
When you sweat, the body's natural oils, such as linoleic acid, (moisturizer that is also found in safflower and olive oil), released, then lubricate and hydrate the skin cells.

3. Looks fresh.
Adequate sleep is a drug with no cost or free beauty but more successful than if you only use beauty products on the market, Well if you have insomnia, you simply invite your partner to have intercourse, with engaging in sex then guaranteed you will sleep soundly. Chemical substance that makes a person feel more comfortable going to stay a while after orgasm and help women sleep more quickly and soundly.

4. Burn fat.
Even without reaching a climax, making out and having sex could mean a lot, your heart rate and blood circulation increases, and blood flooded the organs and your skin. Regulate breathing pattern helps control stress and deliver oxygen throughout your body system. Sex burns calories the same as when lifting weights or running. Making out it already uses 30 facial muscles. You burn 8-12 calories per minute when making out (more than walk for a minute).

Now you know real sex function, please do sex regularly with a healthy way of course. Natural medicine with no capital to natural beauty.

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Here it is the cause of why sex can make ageless

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