Do you want in a way and his own concoction feed?

For women, a slim body with ideal weight is a dream and the dream or even a necessity, so that many of the women who tried to reach it, either by product, regular diet, by reducing food portions and so forth. but not the least among those who are experiencing frustration because of not getting the results as you wish.

For those of you who want to have an ideal body with ideal weight, try the following natural way:

The materials required

* Use 1 noni
* 10 grams Bangle
* 7 grams of yellow leaf
* 5 grams of tamarind
* 8 grams lempuyang


* All materials are ground together
* Pour the hot water
* pressed, then filtered
* water filter from the material that has been pounded in place the glass

How To Use

* Drink morning and afternoon 1 / 2 cup
* Do it every 2 days.

How, easy right? simple but efficacy will feel with the use of a routine, after all, this way you do not need to shell out that much and certainly would be safe for your health, because all natural ingredients and manufacturing process you do yourself.

Good luck, good luck getting your dream body.

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Do you want in a way and his own concoction feed?

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