Who says that natural is old-fashioned?

Who would not want to have beautiful white face glow, I am sure all would want, let alone the weather, little stain alone makes the women feel insecure and lack confidence, so that the cosmetics and other beauty tools have become a fundamental requirement for the women, Salon, Spa, etc. Treathment be a solution, but that all would be expensive and can create dependency even if one can cause allergies or other skin damage. So what's the solution? I suggest you try it first with a natural product, because in addition to the risk is too ga cheap there. The following herbs that you should try.

It is said that natural ingredients proven to provide good nutrition, to keep skin looking healthy and well groomed. Beautiful skin now you can get through natural materials such as, coffee and outmeal.


This one kind of food was not only healthy for the heart but also very nutritious oatmeal for skin health. It's easy, provided outmeal 5-6 tablespoons, honey to taste and powdered milk or fresh milk.

Mix all ingredients into one, if using powdered milk means you have to add water to taste. Stir-like porridge, then rub on the skin and gososk until dead skin cells are lifted. Then wash body using soap that match your skin type needs.


Coffee shown to contain anti-oxidants which is very high, so that it can help prevent premature aging of the skin. Various other benefits that you can get from coffee, of which can make your skin feel more moist, tight and clean.

dispensing, provide coffee powder and salt to taste, then pour boiling hot water for 20 minutes. And the coffee rub it around the body until the dead skin cells and then clearance lifted perfect body with a bath as usual.

Easy is not? so get used to living with nature and avoid as much as possible substances which contain chemicals, because it is often dangerous for you.

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Who says that natural is old-fashioned?

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