It is remarkable benefits of full-blooded face

We of course already be familiar with the term full-blooded face, the method of treatment by way of massage on acupuncture points whose goal is not to open an aura of beauty.

Do you know what exactly are the benefits of full-blooded face? for those who already know or know more please plus if there is a drawback, for those who do not know the following benefits to full-blooded face of natural beauty.

* Smooth blood circulation and metabolism
* Balancing hormones in the body
* Eliminate wrinkles
* Reduced minus the eyes and sinusitis
* Dig a positive aura, removing inner beauty
* Create ageless
* Creating a white face glow
* Overcoming insomnia (difficulty sleeping)

Here's the process in therapy Totok Face

1. The face is cleaned with cleaning,
2. Then First face for 15 minutes DiMassage
3. Then foot DiMassage 15 minutes
4. And last face ditotok on acupuncture points for 15 minutes and in a mask.

Well right now already know the benefits and process of full-blooded face? but remember, in addition to benefits that were, if not the experts who perform full-blooded or without certification that is clear, it could be dangerous for your health, minimum expected aura radiated after titok even no effect anything, because full-blooded is not done at that point appropriate.

So, please do this treatment but do not arbitrarily choose a place, find that has the experience and guaranteed with a certificate of ownership.

Good luck, hopefully your aura opens with treatment and regular
care. Do not forget to comment ok.

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It is remarkable benefits of full-blooded face

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